Serge Brunoni :: Biography of the artist

Serge Brunoni was born in Ligny-en-Barrois in France, Sept 3, 1938, he is of Italian heritage. From an early age, Serge’s leanings towards an artistic career were being expressed through an aptitude for drawing, but also a taste for adventure. When he was twenty he enlisted in the French colonial infantry. Originally stationed in the south of France he was soon posted to Africa where he spent three years as a soldier. After living so long in the vast spaces of Africa, Europe seemed too confining and Brunoni decided to immigrate to Canada. He landed on Aug. 8, 1963 and settled in Trois-Riviere, Quebec, which has remained his home ever since.

In 1967, he married Suzette Normandin, a native of Trois-Riviere and together they have two children, Hughes and Nicolas. For Christmas 1969, Suzanne gave him a wooden box of paints and brushes. He painted his first canvas in 1970 and, by 1972, had devoted himself full-time to painting. Whenever necessary, he always seemed to find the appropriate guide, mentor or innovator to help him make a success of his new career. While lessons helped in the beginning it was Brunoni’s sense of inspiration and a dedication to research and working at his art that helped him create his style, a style that is by conviction figurative and based on nature. “I use acrylics because the medium favors a spontaneity that I want in my paintings”.

In his studio Brunoni paints scenes that reflect the beauty of nature. Figures are often present but they aren’t just dropped in as a static architectural element. They are an integral part of the composition in harmony with the environment. His rendering of urban life usually shows people in action, the hustle and bustle of big city life. His city scenes are balanced by his forest, mountain and river themes where the figurative subjects commune with nature.

Brunoni has widely exhibited in different venues and galleries and from time to time his shows have taken on the form of homage. In the eyes of the many art collectors who have followed his career closely for the past 30 years, Serge Brunoni among the upper echelon of Canadian artists; a valued figure in the world of Quebec and Canadian art. His artwork continues to be in great demand and is part of many important private and corporate collections.