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Sacha Barrette
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Sacha was born in Saguenay Lac St-Jean in 1965. He received his Bachelor degree in graphic design from the University of Quebec and then moved to Montreal in 1982. He spent his time working in the visual arts field for a number of advertising firms, while at the same time teaching painting classes. He slowly gave this up and went on to devote himself entirely to his own art.

Traveling throughout Canada, the United States, and Latin America, Sacha has rebuilt his palette of colours and reaffirmed his style. Upon his return to Quebec, he moved to the countryside where he found not only the colours he had experienced in his travels, but also the pure pleasure in painting.

He works with colour in such a way as to keep its original purity, thereby giving the subject its unique shape, texture and light, they are all applied almost flat. Hence the colours are allowed to express themselves.

Sacha has been a participant in many solo and group exhibitions in Canada and the United States. His many accomplishments include: his participation in an important series focused on Chile’s culture in Santiago, Chile, doing illustrations for the book, Histoire de Nelson, written by Joanne Lalancette, and teaching visual arts in a private school in Oaxaca, Mexico. Today, his work is exhibited in galleries throughout North America.