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 Marie-Claude Boucher , a fellow Montrealer, has enjoyed much success in great galleries all over Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

“When it comes to perfection in art, I am a rebel in that I choose to explore originality, audacity and simplicity. When faced with a blank canvas for the first time I aim for spontaneity to allow each work to progress in its own direction. By allowing my feelings to direct the flow of the work I am able to capture the energy of the moment allowing each work to convey to the viewer a small glimpse of myself.” Marie Claude Boucher

Marie-Claude Boucher, now living in Montreal, was born in Charny, Quebec in 1973. Her interest in art began at an early age when she could often be found drawing with her sister. She studied Latin, Spanish language and French literature at McGill University, graduating with a degree in Arts and Literature. After a brief teaching career, she made the decision to devote her time to her true passion, painting. Marie-Claude draws her inspiration from the many summers spent as a child in the small villages of Quebec and later in life, her trips with her family to Europe. She loves the simplicity and the modesty of the rural life: the broken fences, the bicycle left by the tree, the clothesline and the shutters on the house. Marie Claude’s ability to find joy in every moment defines her personality and at the same time, her art. It becomes a feel good experience just to explore her textures and colors.

The energy in her artistic approach allows us to appreciate her passion and enthusiasm for life and the act of painting, and her bold, colourful style conveys her unique signature. Large, fearless brushstrokes produce layers of vibrant, rich colour creating a joyful liveliness that leaps off the canvas.

“I am not looking for perfection in the details, but rather simplicity in my settings.”

Boucher has enjoyed much success in great galleries all over Canada, the U.S. and Europe. Her paintings adorn the covers of many greeting cards and her uplifting style has also been used as illustrations for the children’s book series “Super Katie” published by Purple Moose Publishing, which accommodates her whimsical genre in a unique figurative approach. Recently, her paintings were also acquired to decorate the Montreal Children’s Hospital.