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Ludmila Curilova
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Artistic exploration has always been an integral part of Ludmila Curilova’s life. Ludmila grew up in an environment infused with creativity, her mother was a ballerina for Moldova’s National Theatre of Opera and Ballet and her father was a theatre set designer and scene painter. He taught Ludmila basic painting skills and instilled in her an understanding and appreciation of color style and balance and her ability to capture the emotional depth of women stems from hours spent watching her mother dance and perform. To this day we still see these characteristics in her paintings.

After formal art training at The University of Repin, Ludmila Curilova moved to Moscow and began to exhibit in notable galleries in Moldova and Russia. Even in the early stages of her career, her works were in popular demand despite severe economic turmoil in her homeland. It wasn’t long before Ludmila gained international recognition, and today her works are included in prominent collections throughout Europe and North America.

In 2001 Curilova left Moldova to move to Canada. “One of my greatest goals is to see as much of our world as possible and Canada is a country that really gives me such a possibility as well as a stable life and future for my family.” This journey is reflected in her work and influenced by every personal experience and discovery. Her carefully developed technique involves a combination of brushes and palette knives to produce a multi-layered canvas, juxtaposing shiny and matte surfaces that is at once simple and complex.

“Painting has always been important to me. It acts as the magic mirror through which I share my perception of the world. The unspoken statement in my work is that inside every woman is a princess”. – Ludmila Curilova