Louis Tremblay :: Biography of the artist

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Although Louis Tremblay is a self-taught painter, he grew up in a milieu that led him to paint at a
very young age: “I spent my youth with my parents who were great art enthusiasts.” Tremblay’s father
developed a close friendship with painter René Richard, whose encouragement and support gave
Tremblay the confidence to launch his artistic career.
In 1969, Tremblay was the recipient of the Grand Prix du Symposium de Baie-Saint- Paul, a six-week trip
to France. Afterwards, he quickly established his reputation by holding solo exhibitions all throughout
Quebec. In 1980 he decided to further his studies at l’Université du Québec in Chicoutimi before
studying art history at Laval University in Quebec City from 1985 to 1986 and in 1991.
Louis Tremblay seems to take an adventurer’s approach to the landscapes that were so often painted
before him by great Canadian masters such as Clarence Gagnon, William Brymner and A.Y. Jackson.
Tremblay always looks to these artists for inspiration, motivation and technique and remains ever
curious in his will to push forward with their quest as well as their legacy. The subjects he chooses are
mainly semi-abstract landscapes, rural scenes of Baie-Saint- Paul, Kamouraska and the Gaspé Peninsula.
Louis Tremblay is a member of the Institute of Figurative Artists. His works can be found in various
public and private collections in Quebec City, Alcan, Pratt and Whitney, the Consulate of France in
Quebec City, Power Corporation, Desjardins, I.B.M., Bank of Nova Scotia and Inter Gaz in Toronto. He is
represented in galleries in Quebec, Ontario and Alberta.