Did you know?

Picture frame glass is available in either “regular”, “conservation” or “museum” quality. Both regular and conservation are available in “anti reflection” to eliminate glare. Museum glass has no glare. “Regular” glass offers approx. 505 UV protection, whereas “Conservation” and “Museum” glass offers over 98% UV protection. Museum glass has the added advantage of seeming almost invisible which helps to really show off the art work. We are more than happy to show you samples of these different glasses and help you choose the perfect one for your artwork.
Although there are many kinds of matt board surfaces, there are essentially two types of matt boards available for picture framing…….these are “paper” matts and “acid free rag” matts. As the name implies, “acid free” matts contain no acid or other contaminants that can damage artwork. Paper matts, like newspapers are full of contaminants and will over time damage your artwork. We do not recommend ever using “paper matt boards”.
Looking for a certain size mirror, a framed mirror that suits the spot perfectly for style and size? We offer two types of mirrors, beveled and flat and we can cut and frame them to the exact size you need. You no longer have to make do with a mirror that “looks OK” We have over 1500 frames to choose from to help create the perfect custom mirror for that perfect spot.
Framing has come a long way in the last ten years or so. You are no longer limited to a simple single frame. Moldings are now designed to be easily “stackable” allowing your custom framer to help you create incredible custom framing for your art work and memorabilia. This makes it so much easier to express your creative individuality when creating a unique piece of art for your home.
Sometimes it helps to have advice from a professional. Let us be that framing professional for you. We offer a no charge, no obligation in home consultation to discuss framing and art decoration with you; and we mean it, no charge and no obligation. We really do understand that sometimes you are simply getting ideas for the future and are not ready to purchase yet. Once we have been in your home and understand what it is you are trying to accomplish we are in a better position to help you really create a unique environment in your home. It is also easy for us to bring some frame samples or paintings to your house so you can view them in your own environment. Call or drop by to make an appointment.
So many frames to choose from, so many sizes, styles and colors. We have over 1500 molding samples to for you to look through and we are constantly updating our selection with the newest trends in home furnishing designs. We carry moldings by all the leading manufacturers, companies such as Larson Juhl, Fotiou, Omega and Roma.
Purchasing a painting is sometimes not an easy decision, there are a lot of things going through your mind at the time. We want to try and make this experience not only easier but also enjoyable for you. We try to give you the best in gallery expertise and service we possibly can, however we also realize that more is needed. A painting may look great in the gallery, but how will it look in your home. No problem, feel free to take a painting home on approval. This gives you a great chance to see how it looks in your lighting and in your environment. Have a glass of wine sit down and enjoy the painting in comfort as you fall in love with it.