David Grieve :: Biography of the artist

David Grieve

David Grieve

When not driving through rural Ontario, David Grieve’s inspiration also comes from walking along pathways through protected natural areas. Recalling the sense of tranquil beauty David says, “The path itself is like a metaphor for life. It is a journey from beginning to end, with ups and downs and twists along the way. The sun shines brightly through the open spaces in the canopy of trees, while in other areas, Icing, dark shadows are cast across the pathway. One thing is certain however, the end of the path opens into an expansive field, akin to Heaven, as our journey of life inevitably comes to an end.”

The landscape paintings often focus on one solitary tree standing alone in an open space. His technique of cropping sections allows the observer to focus more carefully on one area without taking the entire piece for granted. The use of rich, organic, autumn colours represent the maturity of trees in the cycle of life. The beauty found in aspects of time and change is the ever present theme underlying the paintings he creates.

Surrounded by trees and fields, David’s home studio in Brantford, Ontario, Canada keeps him close to his wife and three young sons.

David has received scholarships and awards for his paintings, and has been involved in numerous group and solo exhibitions in commercial as well as public galleries across Canada and the U.S.A. David is represented by Natures Scene and currently exhibits in 17 galleries.