Claude Langevin :: Biography of the artist

Claude Langevin 

Claude Langevin was born in 1942 to a family of doctors, he first studied medicine at l’Université de Montréal before abandoning academics to become a painter.  Interested in art since childhood, he found a job in a commercial gallery producing “quick” paintings. This intense training has allowed Claude to produce paintings in a relative short which becomes  very useful when working outside in cold weather, where he must quickly seize the essential elements of a landscape. After several years he discovered that working this way had refined his technique, helped him to understand his subject and to analyzed light and shadow. In a way, he had apprenticed but at the same time was self-taught.

Claude Langevin has long since lived in the Laurentians in the Saint-Jean-de-Matha area. He is a true nature lover and is inspired when he returns to his roots; with sketchpad in hand, he explores the regions’ every nook and cranny. Following in the footsteps of admired artists such as Tom Thompson or Clarence Gagnon, he loves to work outside, spontaneously reproducing scenes of nature and his native land.

Langevin wishes to express himself by his paintings and proclaim his affection for his land and his people through his work. His depiction of the Laurentian landscape allows the viewer to feel the strong unfailing connection between the artist and the region he chooses to call home. Langevin has traveled a great deal over the course of his life in a quest for places to paint, however, the roads always lead him back to his native land.