Tremblay, Louis

Born in Baie St Paul, Louis Tremblay grew up within a world where he would develop his artistic
sense, in the beauty of Charlevoix.  His father was a friend of the great painter René Richard. It is with
them that he explored the landscapes of his surroundings and a passion for nature on the shores of the
St Lawrence River.  The artist soon was familiar with the lively changes happening when sky, sea and
mountains intermingle and create infinite variations.
Such a heritage leaves a special mark that becomes apparent not only in the artist’s character, but the
energy of his movement and the expressiveness of the landscapes he creates on canvas. Having a close
and authentic connection to nature is integral to Tremblay’s artistic process. During trips and
expeditions, he creates sketches that he later turns into finished paintings in his studio. Not only does he
enjoy working outdoors, as he explores the countryside, but it is necessary in order to sketch “en plein
air” like the traditional Canadian landscape artists he admires. This method allows him to more
accurately capture the subtle elements of the atmosphere and stay true to nature.

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