Sacha (Street Scenes)

Sacha Barrette, known more commonly in the art world as just “Sacha” travels throughout Canada, the United States and Latin America in search of artistic influence. These journeys have transformed his palette to include an impressive array of ochre, burnt orange, burgundy and vibrant blue. He applies paint generously to his canvas’ and he leaves the colours pure in order to give each subject its unique shape, texture and light, a style that Sacha has developed and is instantly recognizable as his own. Sacha’s innate curiosity has led him to journey through new lands and territories, and also to explore a variety of styles and themes. Whatever the subject, Sacha’s paintings are executed with equal confidence and passion. Today, his work is exhibited in galleries throughout North America.

Sasha is best known for his Montreal Street scenes and his Back Alley scenes mostly from the area of the “Montreal Plateau.” His paintings allow us to explore the hidden secrets of the city. Sacha paints with a passion and exuberance, and is able to create incredible depth with expressive brushstrokes and vibrant colours.

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