Poirier, Jacques

Jacques Poirier was born in 1942 in Drummondville, Quebec. He chose drawing early in his life as a means of expression and creation. For the most part Poirier is a self-taught artist. He is drawn to the mountainous regions of Quebec, the majesty of the landscape captivates him and pulls at him to paint its rugged beauty. Jacques was an instrumental person in the founding an art studio at the University of Sherbrooke. His work is represented throughout Canada and is part of many important collections.

“To find beautiful landscapes, you have to leave the beaten track and explore smaller pathways, right to the end. Usually, such effort is rewarded by an unexpected scene or an incomparable view. But nature can be very discreet and does not always reveal its charms at first sight. I might pass by the same scene many times without seeing all its possibilities, and then suddenly, one day, under a certain light, inspiration strikes. ” – Jacques Poirier

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